+ Team-oriented manager with thorough attention to detail, creative mind-set,
   and talent with budgeting.

+ Comprehensive knowledge of agronomic principals required to produce
   outstanding conditioning daily.

+ Possess strong work ethic, drive, determination, and ambition; all of which
   contribute in ability to effectively manage the Superintendent’s position with
   undoubted capability.

+ Well-versed in all aspects of golf course construction, including master planning
   and large scale renovations at multiple facilities.

+ Extensive experience in professional tournament preparation that includes PGA
   Tour and USGA events.

+ Proficient in fostering an excellent rapport with and among management, staff,
   and members alike.

+ Mentored numerous turf interns and placed assistants at upper echelon clubs to
   further their careers.

Portfolio – Overview

My portfolio of work is provided on several pages to offer a full disclosure of my history, expertise, and management style. The content is divided by category and can be accessed with the links just above this paragraph.