Portfolio – Leadership

management style                                                                                             
I embrace being a leader of many individuals with a common goal of providing exceptional course conditions. I perform my duties with a “hands-on” leadership role, where I actively participate with staff and lead by example. With critical issues needing solutions daily, it’s important to take decisive action each time. I sincerely analyze a situation, I make the optimal decision, and stick to it.

It’s also crucial to be progressive in managing staff and technology. As staff evolves, you must learn their language and needs. As technology evolves, you must adapt to the latest the industry can offer. I also associate with other industry leaders to advance my network and gain positive feedback from colleagues on industry trends.

Finally, a successful manager has the ability to not only provide a great product, but can do it within a cost effective budgetary system. I constantly work to find creative ways to save money without sacrificing playability or conditioning. This is a quality that has never been more important than it is right now.



agronomic principals 
“Agronomy” to me is the science of producing a high quality turfgrass (crop) for the best playing field (course) for the game of golf at the highest level--quality--expectations. I place substantial value in these key categories:


Utilize and/or rotate different sources
Healthy soil chemistry - “a healthy soil creates a healthy plant”
Consistent soil, water, and tissue testing program

Achieve preventative control where possible
Quickly find curative solutions if necessary
Continually weigh the value/cost of old technology vs new technology
Ensure proper timing of all applications for optimal success
Strong knowledge base on all products and experience with them




From the time you pull in the parking lot to the final putt on hole 18, whether you are a 5 or 25 handicap golfer, you will notice a consistently detailed and clean look for the golf course and all ancillary areas. Based upon being a single handicap golfer, ideally the golf course should play on the dry side—with roll in the fairways off the tee shots. The #1 premium emphasis should begin with green complexes and carry down to tees, fairways, rough. The key is consistency—clean and detailed. The conditions should be consistent for all members of varying skill levels.



Cultural practices

I strive to put a strong emphasis on sound cultural practices. This ensures a healthy stand of turf that can be “harvested” year after year with consistent and excellent results. Some of these critical practices include drill and fill, solid, deep, and coring tine aeration, topdressing, verticutting, and hydroject and dryject aeration.

These activities, performed on a perennial basis are what I consider agronomic “keys to success.” While they require much labor and play disruption, they are essential and should be embraced by any club serious about quality conditioning.




I believe that a golf course should work to partner with its natural surroundings and superintendents should take active steps to ensure the course is environmentally friendly. I have worked with Audubon International while New Jersey National to help it achieve status as a Cooperative Sanctuary. New Jersey National was officially the 18th course in New Jersey to be Audubon certified.

Audubon International awards certification to recognize golf courses that protect the environment, conserve natural resources and provide wildlife habitats. In order to achieve this certification, a golf facility is required to demonstrate that it is maintaining the highest degree of environmental management standards in the following: Environmental Planning, Wildlife and Habitat Management, Chemical Use Reduction and Safety, Water Conservation, Water Quality Management and Outreach and Education.



Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary
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State of New Jersey DEP Environmental Award
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